Anna dress–decision decisions! Help needed :)

Well I decided to gift myself the Anna pattern from By Hand London, after seeing so many pretty versions online. 

I will be joining them on their sewalong that starts on 16 September 2013 Smile.


Because I a need to use more fabrics from my stash I am not going to buy new fabric for it, so I need to pick one form among the ones I already have which might be appropriate for it and long enough. Therefore although I like most the view with  the maxi skirt and slash on the leg, I am making view C,  with the midi skirt.

Now I need your help. I have four fabric pieces I think would make a nice dress but I cannot decide which one to  use for my first Anna. They are all 100% cotton.

Version 1 

2013-09-06 12.35.28

Version 2 – on this one to break the pattern I will be using contrasting piping probably red at the waist seam. Also I will be using the fabric as shown in the picture.

2013-09-06 12.35.58

Version 3 – think might be a bit too much, but cant buy more fabric, even for contrast.

2013-09-06 12.36.19

And Version 4 – again might be using some contrasting piping – maybe yellow to brake the pattern

2013-09-06 12.35.40

So what do you think?  Which one to use?

I also thought of doing the bodice in one fabric and different one for the skirt, but my fabrics don’t really go together and don’t want to end up buying more fabric. AS my  mum says I will end up opening my own fabric shop at this rate, so I don’t want to get more of it if I can help it.

simona 1