Bed Runner–turned out as table runner :)

For a very long time I thought that Sewing World was a magazine published in America. Even when Tilly from Tilly and The  Buttons said she made a skirt pattern for them I thought the same thing. However since she mentioned it on her fabulous blog i started thinking…. And in a very funny way, it’s dangerous when I do think … So I was told ……

Anyhow after much deliberation I decided I want the May issue of Sewing World. Yes, that’s the issue with Tilly’s pretty skirt.  But when I ordered it on eBay, they sent me the July issue. I was so disappointed. At first I thought I made a mistake. But no I did not do so. I ordered  the correct issue.  It was the seller who had a printing problems and sent me the wrong one.  A few emails later they told me they will send me the one I wanted and let me keep the one they already  sent  me. I was so happy. Because after seeing the July issue I knew I was in love with it. And more it is published here in the UK. Horayy…… Did not take me long to get a subscription …. Smile

But this is not the purpose of this post. I just wanted to share with you  the table runner I made using the instructions in the May issue for a bed runner.


You know that bed must been huge.  I started with  tiny diamond shape that grew and grew. I did not realise it will be so big because I  was working on all the blocks at the same time. All five of them.

I made if out of scrap fabric. some of the pieces I pieced them together from smaller pieces,

based on the original pattern, the block at the bottom of the picture should have been in the middle. But because of some mistakes I made the last block did not line up with the other. Anyhow that worked best for me as the runner is exactly the size of my table. Smile

With this runner I finally took advantage of my machine’s embroidery stiches as well. finally. I did it more to save me some heartache in doing a stich in the ditch  and making sure I catch both sides of the bias binding. Yeah I know I was only cheating Winking smile.

Well because two of the blocks had to be cut into two. I was only able to save one block, to be reused as a small table cloth Smile.2013-09-29 22.24.13

By making this project I learnt that I do like quilting as long as I am not using wading as well. It’s been fun. So I will continue using my scraps on small quilting projects. For the minute I will leave the wadding out, just to get a bit more experience.

simona 1


Author: Simona

I don't really like talking about myself. But, I love sewing and after reading a lot of blogs on the internet about it, I've decided to give it a go as well. I am Romanian born, but live in the UK. I am a bit selfish when it comes to sewing. I tend to make stuff more for myself. Others have to go through a lot of torture in order for me to make something. My mum did it twice. Well I only wanted to make the dresses fit her perfectly. And in the end they looked great.

2 thoughts on “Bed Runner–turned out as table runner :)”

    1. Thats what I thought to. Hence I would not tackle a full quilt. Small projects are better for me. Maybe one day a full size quilt.

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