Current Crafty Chores :) – the post

I’m always on the net searching for even more ideas for my projects, as if my list is not big enough already. So I’ve made a page to let you  know what We are working on at the moment, just a few of the projects anyways.

here is the link:

We also start putting  a list of project we already completed and that we for most of them do not have a post as they were completed. I just came up with the idea and might take some time to get this page up and running.


Author: Simona

I don't really like talking about myself. But, I love sewing and after reading a lot of blogs on the internet about it, I've decided to give it a go as well. I am Romanian born, but live in the UK. I am a bit selfish when it comes to sewing. I tend to make stuff more for myself. Others have to go through a lot of torture in order for me to make something. My mum did it twice. Well I only wanted to make the dresses fit her perfectly. And in the end they looked great.

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