Love Sewing mag–the Lottie blouse

Love Sewing Issue 2 Oh yes! I have an addiction! Got  a few subscriptions to some sewing magazines! I was not supposed to get another one, but then Love Sewing came along! Took me some time to decide but I got i! I even tried to  decide which of the other magazines to drop! But it was just impossible to decide which to sacrifice that I ended up not cancelling the subscription on any of them!

Made the first issue dress – blogged about here

From the second issue I decided to make the Lottie top! looks cute and I had enough fabric left from  my Gabriola Skirt to make this top as well.

However, I learnt my lesson from  the skirt and used stiffener to make the fabric easier to use! It is sliding a lot and it was a pain to cut and sew on the skirt! But the liquid stiffener sorted the issue and the top came together like a dream! I have been wearing the top many times since and it’s one of my favourite garments so far!  I felt that instructions are not as clear, but as usual did not really use them.

Also the instructions did not really say how add the collar/sash on so i ended up doing a bit of hand stitching to keep the seam to lie flat and not annoy me when I do wear it.


This is how the top looked like once I finished it and before I washed it!

Lottie Top before washing

I have already decided that I will be making  a few more versions of this top, just not yet! Trying to avoid making blue stuff, and so far the fabrics I think for this top are all blue! Ups!  I know I know! But I cannot help it, since blue is my favourite colour! I would even eat blue chocolate! Hey if any of you know about blue chocolate let me know where I can find it! Smile

simona 1